4 Potential Ways to Clean Air Filters of HVAC Systems


Cleanliness is really important for extending the life of any magical or electrical equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the air filter of your hvac system on a regular or weekly basis. 

When you keep the air filters of your hvac system neat and clean, it can help you to keep the air quality of your entire residential building in a significant way. Even if you are not skilled, you can get professional assistance like commercial hvac services portage mi, to improve the functioning of your hvac system and its air filter to make your home more energy efficient. 

In this blog, there are some potential ways that you should consider to keep the air filters of your hvac system in a well-maintained and clean state. Keep your eyes rolling!

Locate the Filter after Turning Off

As with most prior maintenance tips for better cleaning of the air filters of hvac systems in a significant way, you first need to turn off the air conditioner and locate the filters thoroughly. It is the most professional way to conduct the cleaning process of air filters of your hvac system with great efficiency. 

In fact, it is necessary to always consider the filter management because taking apart the air filters of an hvac system is a process that needs proper care. So, when dealing with electrical devices, the best you can do is always first to turn off and locate filters.

Conduct Brushing

Brushing over the air filters of your hvac system can help you to remove all dirt and debris that has been accumulated there for more than months – from the time you have last checked. Brushing the air filter off prevents damage to the hvac system. 

When you don’t brush the air filters of the hvac system, it can directly affect its overall performance. In order to improve the energy efficiency and overall performance of your hvac system and your building, it is necessary to consider the bushing twice a week.

Wash and Dry

When you decide to clean the air filters of your hvac system, the best thing that you can do is to wash them thoroughly with a professional hand. You can soak the air filters in the sink, which can let all the accumulated dirt and debris out of the air filters in an efficient way. 

Remember, air filters should always be washed out after switching off the entire hvac system. It is understood, and you can better understand, that electrical devices cannot be washed out when these are ON. Hence, during the washing of air filters, you can consider vinegar, detergents, or soap. After this, let them dry completely.

Repair and Replace

During the air filter, cleaning, maintenance, and repair are also vitally important. So, if you inspect any damage to air filters, make sure you immediately repair and replace them before cleaning. Once done, you can keep your hvac system always in good condition.