What is the Role of the Unarmed Security Guard?


Protecting your assets and property from theft and other illegal activity is necessary for business owners. This suggests that you must employ security. The most efficient approach to handling business security is to hire security guards. In this manner, you can guarantee the security of your staff, clients, and assets. 

This is why it’s essential to consider unarmed security guards when selecting which ones to hire.

Sense Of Safety

You want to ensure your clients and staff are safe as a company owner. But the constant presence of armed security personnel can frighten kids. For this reason, unarmed security personnel offer a far superior alternative since they offer the same level of protection and a sense of security without making anyone feel anxious.

Avoid Liability

If an armed guard shoots someone and results in harm or death, property owners can be responsible. Non-lethal weapons are a valuable tool for unarmed security to prevent crime and violence. This may include less lethal but effective weapons like sprays, batons, and tasers.

Quick Response To Crime

Even if your business has a policy for handling or reacting to crimes, it almost certainly entails phoning and holding for law enforcement. While you wait for the police to arrive, unarmed security guards have the benefit of being better equipped to respond to any crime. 


One of a security guard’s many responsibilities is to keep an eye on the property and camera feeds. This simplifies surveillance so you may focus on managing your company worry-free while the guards carry out their trained duties. Guards without weapons are continually on the lookout for criminal activity. You can trust the security personnel to keep your company safe.

What Is The Role of Licensed Unarmed Guards?

Working with qualified unarmed guards has many advantages, including their ability to recognize and neutralize possible threats. Skilled unarmed security guards can promptly detect and eliminate security threats, upholding a secure atmosphere for people and assets.

Furthermore, unarmed security services provide a financially sensible way to keep things safe and secure.

 Unarmed security guard can offer dependable protection services at a lower employment cost than armed security guards. Because of this, unarmed guards are an excellent resource for companies and private citizens who want to keep their surroundings safe without going over budget.

Reasons to Protect Your Property with an Unarmed Security Guard

Reduced Risk of Escalation

Armed security professionals bring increased power to any conflict by nature. To reduce the possibility of violent encounters, unarmed security guards use de-escalation, communication, and conflict-resolution strategies.

This strategy fits very nicely with companies that want to foster safety without resorting to overt force.


Because handling firearms requires specific training, license, and insurance, armed security officers frequently have higher prices. Unarmed security officers offer a more affordable option without sacrificing your company’s general protection.

This enables businesses to benefit from a professional security presence while allocating resources more effectively.